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Project Overview
Concert Touring
Lighting Designer
Dan Hill / Cassius Creative
Show Designer
Squib / Cassius Creative
Band / Artist
Production Manager
Matty Roberts

Rudimental – V Festival

Headliner V Festival 2017 August, 2017
Determined to deliver visual impact at V Festival this year, Rudimental opted for a video-heavy show. Really Creative Media’s Creative Director Jack James explained: “As fans will know, at a Rudimental gig there’s always constant action - it’s high energy all the way through. The video design needed to reflect that.”

Really Creative Media were pleased to deliver Live Performance Visuals for Rudimental’s headline slot at V this year.

Show Designers Cassius Creative specified 5 large high-resolution LED Winvision Air 9.375mm towers for video content separated by lower-res LED fixtures allowing lighting and video to complement each other.

“We immediately saw the potential of this design for live cameras, and worked with Dan [Hill] and Squib [Chris Swain] to develop a language of choreographed camera cutting and screen placement that allowed us to support the action throughout without distracting. With any of the nine cameras being able to be placed anywhere on any of the 5 LED screens at any moment, it took a lot of planning – but it was worth it”, added James.

With 8 cameras onstage and a FOH camera to feed into a single media server, it was clear from the start a custom build was required. One of Really Creative Media’s server racks was modified to facilitate extra inputs and was coupled with one of their engineering racks to form a flexible system. Driven by a MA Lighting grandMA2 which also triggered PTZ presets, the system was then programmed to timecode by Alex Passmore during production rehearsals. Live camera feeds were integrated with pre-recorded footage to give a dynamic high-energy look.

“The design required a careful approach in order to realise the complex real-time requirements, without compromising our ability to make adjustments very quickly, however, the hard work paid off” he said

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