They called us the Pop Kids ’cause we loved the pop hits
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Project Overview
Concert Touring
Lighting Designers
Rob Sinclair / Ben Cash
Band / Artist
The Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys – Super Tour

Super World Tour 2016 - 2018 February, 2017
A Pet Shop Boys hallmark is the exclusive use of video projection over LED

Really Creative Media managed the Video and Projection production for the Pet Shop Boys Super Tour.

We used seven Panasonic PT-DZ21K 20,000 lumen projectors to create the stunning visuals, with a mixture of lenses to suit different venues for the projectors while touring. Two of Really Creative Media’s custom Catalyst V5 media servers ran the content. The media servers are based on Apple’s flagship Mac Pro 6.1, and output frame synchronised HD-SDI signals. An MA2 Command Wing controlled the servers over ArtNet.

MA2 Light Console

MA Lighting MA2 Light control console

Catalyst 4K Media Server

Catalyst V6 4K Media Server Catalyst, Hippotizer, Resolume and Qlab Media Servers available

MA2 Command Wing and PC

The MA onPC command wing offers a portable grandMA2 console. USB connection between the MA onPC command wing and the PC running the grandMA2 onPC software, DMX, Midi, Timecode and Analogue Remote are available offering 2,048 parameter control. Ideal for Media Server control

Panasonic RZ31K Laser Projector

30,000 lumen Panasonic laser projector

Panasonic RZ21K Laser Projector

20,000 lumen Panasonic laser projector

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