Pepsi MAX Time Tunnel

Projection Mapping Stunt November, 2014

We worked with digital production specialist Grand Visual, and advertising agency AMV BBDO to help bring the iconic Pepsi Max ‘Maximum Impact, No Worries’ strap line to life through an immersive stunt entitled Time Tunnel. Filmed in Southwark, East London, the experience took unsuspecting passersby on a journey through time, bringing to life roaring dinosaurs, storm troopers firing lasers and a futuristic flying car, presenting them as if they were at the end of the tunnel.

Working from a concept provided by AMV BBDO, Grand Visual produced all the content which began with the creation of a detailed 3D model of the tunnel environment, then the highly realistic 3D characters, to make it look like they were sitting in the space. We provided the consultancy for all the projection techniques, which included projection and media server hire on location for both the rehearsal studio and final shoot and a projection gauze surface across the end of the tunnel. This appeared invisible to people on the approach but provided an apt platform to bring the effects to life.

The synching of the lights, projection and audio were key to the success of the stunt, which concluded with a glistening can of Pepsi Max.

Go behind the scenes and learn more about The Making of Pepsi Max Time Tunnel

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