Human League Red EuropeanTour 2018
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Project Overview
Tour Manager
Simon Watson
Show Designer
Rob Sinclair

On tour with The Human League

Red Tour 2018 November, 2018

We supplied the creative content and equipment to The Humans League’s 2018 Red tour – the first time the band utilised projection mapping.

Having worked with band on previous tours, supplying projection equipment and creative content, it was great that the band returned to us to push their visual creative offering.

Equipment wise we supplied an MALighting GrandMA3 Light console and OnPC Command Wing as a backup console, along with two Catalyst V6 Media Servers, six Panasonic RZ21K 20,000L laser projectors and two Panasonic RZ31K 30,000L laser projectors. These Panasonic projectors run with a laser light source rather than lamps, which means they are more reliable and the brightness is consistent throughout the projectors lifespan. The set consists of stacked 3D giant cubes, some with the band inside, which meant projection mapping onto front and rear surfaces.

Dew explains:
“There was quite a variation in the size of the venues, so we had the flexibility to swap between the RZ21K and the more powerful RZ31K, depending on what levels we needed to consistently achieve the wow factor for all of the audiences. We also invested in GrandMA3 consoles, which give new features to expand our creative options.”

Our creative lead of this project Jack James was responsible for the designing and overseeing all of content in-house for the band. His brief was to make the cubes feel 3D and bring in movement, colour and life. Jack explains:

“Whilst working with a 3D set was challenging to create content for technically, it was an opportunity to explore some of the old favourites of the projection mapping world, such as rotating the cubes and making the whole set fall down and rebuild itself, all synced to the track.”

We started the process in March, which gave plenty of production lead time to plan the creative content and which media servers to use. Jack explains:

“We built 3D printed models of the set in advance to make sure the content would work. It required very precise set up, so Mike Higgs (on tour) had to be fastidious to get every surface of the cubes in the same place every night, which was a challenging process on a tight touring schedule”

Panasonic RZ21K Laser Projector

20,000 lumen Panasonic laser projector

Panasonic RZ31K Laser Projector

30,000 lumen Panasonic laser projector

MA3 Light Console

Catalyst 4K Media Server

Catalyst V6 4K Media Server Catalyst, Hippotizer, Resolume and Qlab Media Servers available

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