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Huawei P9 Product Launch

P9 Launch April, 2016

The global launch event for the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus in London wasn’t just a showcase for an incredible new product and camera technology, it was also a showcase for visually stunning production technology, brought to life by Really Creative Media in partnership with Chinese production agency Imagine Believe Hong Kong.

Taking centre stage at the event was a 21 x 4 metre Absen 3.9mm LED screen, with a 5632 x 1024 pixel resolution provided by Creative Technology. This was the backdrop to the product launch set; Really Creative Media provided the brand with content specifications and advice for an optimal audience experience.

Driving the experience were two of Really Creative Media’s new Catalyst V5 Media Servers, designed for work with live events and optimized for 4K to deliver stunning visual content on the Absen display. A Mac Mini was used for timecode generation and additional controls included a Liteware Dual-link DVI matrix, Liteware Modex modular fibre extenders, an MA2 light control console, an MA2 command wing and an On PC backup console. These integrated with a Barco E2 Screen Management System to deliver all of the Product Launch’s video content.

Keeping careful control of the system for flawless execution of the event were Really Creative Media programmer Nick Malbon and Catalyst System Engineer James Adkins, who ran the media servers from front of house throughout the event.

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