We worked with Slice to create a captivating welcoming sequence for a Santander SME Summit in The Science Museum’s IMAX theatre in London. A pre recorded video sequence blended with real life as the journey of three freerunners seemed to be taking place in real time before they burst through the theatre doors to engage audiences within.

The sequence was actually filmed in the early hours of the morning before the public arrived, captured in high speed and slow motion at 4K resolution using a Red Epic X digital cinema and steadicam rig. The filming began in a branded Santander London black cab from which the freerunners emerged and began their intriguing and fastest route around the museum which led to the IMAX stage door. The film ends with the door opening and then in front of the real audience, the freerunners continued into the venue and finished their route onto the stage.

This meant a very quick turnaround for editing and digital colour grading which was done in our central London post production facilities. The star of the show though was the steadicam rig which was essential for keeping up with the freerunners!