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Project Overview
Concert Touring
Lighting Designer
Squib / Cassius Creative

Dua Lipa UK & European Tour 2017

Self Titled Tour October, 2017
Embarking on a debut UK and Europe academy tour, we worked with Dua Lipa to provide her tour live performance visuals.

London-based star Dua Lipa has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. Her hits New Rules, Hotter Than Hell and Be The One have contributed in her clinching Spotify UK’s top spot as 2017’s most streamed female artist.

Embarking on a debut UK and Europe academy tour, we worked with Dua Lipa to provide her tour live performance visuals. Teaming up to help design and deliver the overall look for her debut tour, Cassius Creative, a production design partnership between Dan Hill and Chris ‘Squib’ Swain, joined forces with our own Nick Dew and Jack James, of Really Creative Media.

“As an emerging artist, Dua had an impressively strong idea of the style she wanted to bring to the stage, so we focussed our attentions on bringing video elements into her tour. Having previously worked with Really Creative Media on Rudimental’s high-energy set at V Festival, we looked forward to bringing the guys in to film and create new video content with Dua. We created Pinterest mood boards for her showcasing light, colour and shapes, resulting in a contemporary, geometric look to the show which focuses on her as an artist credibility. She knew what she wanted but didn’t know how to make it happen which is where we came in.” Commented Dan from Cassius Creative.

In the midst of globally launching her music career, Really Creative Media had just one day to get as many creative concepts filmed to form the basis of the tour’s video aesthetics.

Nick explains: “A Sony F55 cinema camera was used as we know the workflow really well and we could work quickly with it. We used Dua Lipa herself as the main source of content inspiration as she didn’t have a large set or props; the focus was purely on her and her vocal talent so our video content had to reflect this. The team spent the day filming creative scenes, including walking on a treadmill providing us with a constant walking towards the camera. We experimented with using song lyrics that were projected onto her face, with a monitor displaying the action allowing her to play to the camera, plus slow motion side-profile footage was filmed of her talent for bubblegum blowing. Using Dua in the live performance visuals made it really personal as the audience can clearly see it’s her in silhouette or it’s her doing the actions rather than models from stock content. Working with Cassius Creative’s imaginative vision, we distorted a lot of the imagery so as not to look too clean and glossy – not a look that would work for all artists.

The stage was designed with a projection surface front and centre. An A and B set was toured for differing sized venues.

Photos by David Stewart.

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