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Project Overview
Concert Touring
Art Direction
Laurence Stevens
Lighting Director
Ben Cash
Production Manager
Wob Roberts

Dave Stewart – Eurythmics Songbook

Meltdown Festival - Royal Festival Hall, London August, 2019
Meltdown Festival’s 2019 iteration in London’s Royal Albert Hall was curated by Nile Rodgers. Among his musical picks was the Eurythmics Songbook, performed by Dave Stewart and guests. We supplied the live visual content and filming.

The Eurythmics made a huge contribution to 80’s pop culture and while Annie Lennox has resisted calls for a reunion, Dave Stewart was keen to present this fabulous catalogue of songs on stage.

The creative maestro met with us to discuss the bespoke content we were commissioned to produce for this one-off spectacular.

We also provided cameras to film the show, the media servers and engineers to mix live content with the pre-recorded footage relayed onto the giant LED screens. Dave Stewart’s creative input guided Laurence Stevens’ artistic direction. With no Annie on stage, the visuals had to reflect her importance in the band, incorporating monochrome archive footage into the mix.

Victor Frankowski

URSA Broadcast Camera Channel

4K capable camera channel/system camera

Agile Arc360 Lite Camera

Pan and Tilt (PTZ) HD Robotic Camera

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