BBC Radio 2 Festival in a Day
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Project Overview
Live Broadcast
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Liam Griffiths - Clean Bandit
Jon Barker - Pet Shop Boys
BBC Radio 2 / BBC iPlayer
Band / Artist
Clean Bandit + Pet Shop Boys

BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park

Pet Shop Boys + Clean Bandit Live in Hyde Park September, 2019
We were delighted to be adding creative visuals to the Pet Shop Boys for their headline performance with BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park.

We worked on the screen content for regular clients Clean Bandit, who were in the supporting bill. Having worked with them for several years in a range of events, the look was ‘on-point’ with the band’s style.

The Pet Shop Boys highlighted the ‘Festival in a Day’ show with a hit-filled set and as ever the duo gave their fans a visually spectacular show and stage designed by Es Devlin, which used our projection at the heart of creating an immersive experience for everyone in the audience and watching at home.

We have previously toured with The Pet Shop Boys, so slid into the task of adapting their touring show to suit Hyde Park’s huge festival stage. The uniqueness of the show is that the house LED screen was not used conventionally and was set behind a projection gauze. The principle video content was displayed using projectors from an especially constructed front-of-house tower. The light and imagery were deliberately projected onto the band and Pet Shop Boys as an effect on its way to the gauze surface at the rear of the stage. This was a fantastic visual effect and has been a staple creative element of the show from conception. Integrating with live broadcasts and the festival’s production presented its own challenges.

Bespoke Pet Shop Boys projections were curated using content based on previous touring material, with four new tunes added.

The band had a 7m diameter set of concentric LED rings as a physical scenic element on tour, but the nature of a multi-act, one-off show was prohibitive to physically rigging this. RCM wrote a program to take the controls from the LD’s lighting console to the on-stage LED wall, meaning the effect was replicated behind the band in such a realistic way that some of the band didn’t notice the change! The saving was not only a creative one, it saved most of a truck of set arriving at the show, making use of existing festival technology and also saved on rigging, turnaround time on the day and reduced our carbon impact.

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